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Hi, Remixers!

I wanted to thank you all once again for making the remix such a wonderful success, and also to pick your brains about the future.

The remix as run here in the "traditional" manner went off mostly without a hitch (from where I was sitting). We had to get a couple pinch-hitters in, but in the end everyone got remixed, and that's fantastic! But because I can never leave well enough alone, I wanted to pick your brains for possible tweaks to future remix-y-typed ficathons. Comments will be screened, but I'll unscreen any that don't contain sensitive information so folks can discuss future ideas and whatnot.

Take my polls, please!Collapse )


This fic is being hosted here, as plaid_slytherin  is on holiday and distressingly separated from the internets.

Title: Hours Apart (The Incremental Movements Remix)
Original author: azurefalls
Remix author: plaid_slytherin
Characters/Pairings: Ten II/Rose, Jackie, Pete, Tony
Rating: Teen
Summary: Rose readjusts to her life in Pete's World with one new addition.
A/N: Written for azurefalls in the chips_remixed Doctor/Rose fic remix. This is very much a "between-the-lines" remix, so reading the original first is strongly recommended.

Rose watched the TARDIS dematerialize with her heart in her throat. This wasn't how she had imagined it ending.Collapse )

Time Zone-Friendly Reminder

It was the wee hours of the morning in the UK when I posted last night, so just a reminder that fics are due today and the post where you are to link to them is right here.


chips_remixed Big Post of Remixes!

A few thank yous and words of encouragement...Collapse )

All remixes are to be linked in the comments to this post. Please give a complete header for the fic in the comment, and you must include in the header all of the following information:
Remix Title (in the form of Title of the Original Fic (The Whatever Remix))
Remix Author
Remixed fic title and link
Remixed author
Warnings (when applicable)
A/N is optional

You may cross-post anywhere your little hearts desire, as many or as few other locales as you please.

Okay everyone, bombs away! And do keep in mind that I'm operating under US Eastern Daylight Time, so I'm about to disappear from the world of the waking for about 8 hours. If you have a problem that needs to be solved, I'll see to it in the morning.

Click here to see the big board of who remixed whoCollapse )


T-Minus 4 Days and Counting, Remixers

Consider this my official Pep Talk!

Remixes are due in 4 days. I'm not going to extend the due date, and here is why: You are all brilliant writers. Barely anyone here (if anyone at all) has ever participated in a remix before, so we're all learning as we go. I know that when remixes are posted on Wednesday, we'll all read them with that in mind. For everyone here, this is a first go at a genre you've never attempted before. Just putting yourself out there and making a go of it is what I asked, and from the rumblings I've heard, it is what you've all done. You needn't cross-post your finished remixes anywhere but here, if you are still feeling uncertain about them. This was a writing exercise of pretty epic proportions, and I'm so pleased that so many people participated.

If there is a legitimate real-life typed thing that will prevent you from posting on Wednesday, please let me know ASAP.

Otherwise, I very much look forward to seeing what you all have come up with!

When posting, please make sure that your header in some way makes abundantly clear what the original fic was and where it can be located. The accepted nomenclature for fic remix titles is  Title of the Original Fic  (The Clever Name Remix). On Wednesday morning (or perhaps Tuesday night), I will open up a post here, and in the comments to that post, you will link to your remixes.

Thanks again, everyone! I can't wait!


Remixes are due two weeks from today, on Wednesday, July 8.

Since up here in the northern hemisphere it is the height of holiday season, please think ahead and, if you are not actually going to be somewhere with internet on July 8, let me know. In the event that you won't be able to post that day, I will ask you to please email your remix to me (chips.remixed @ gmail.com) so that I may post it here in your stead. Then, when you get back home, you may go ahead and repost anywhere you wish.

And because I know a few of you are finished or finishing, a word about the header for your remix. Please use the following example to guide you:

Title: Runaways (The Bedroom Window Remix)
Original Author: the_tenzo
Remixer: papilio_luna
Characters/Pairings: Rose, Ten2/Rose implied
Rating: All Ages
Summary: Mortgages, carpets, and bedroom windows that look out over the back garden.... The reality is a bit different, looking from the other side of the glass.
A/N: Written for the chips_remixed Doctor/Rose fic remix challenge. [Plus anything else you want to say about your remix, or the original fic that inspired it.]

(The link or fake-cut to where your fic actually lives goes here)

In the above example, "Runaways" is the original fic, and "Runaways (the Bedroom Window Remix)" is the remix. That system of nomenclature is sort of standard for remixes—that the title of the original fic stays put, and the remixer adds "(The _____ Remix)" to it. Note that the title links to the original fic, and the original author is credited in the header. Please always be aware that you're basing your fic on someone else's work, and your readers should be able to easily tell who the remixed author is, what the remixed fic is called, and where it can be found. If you post to Teaspoon, however, please note that the mods there are a bit finicky when it comes to what information is included in the Summary, and what information belongs in the Author's Note. Read their rules carefully before submitting there in order to avoid it getting bounced back at you.

Okay, clear as mud? Any questions can go in the comments and I'll try to answer as best I can. Good luck! I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

This post edited for clarity based on questions posed in the comments.


Just checking in!

We've got about 3 weeks until the remix due date (July 8, for those keeping score at home) and I just wanted to make sure that everyone is doing well and nobody's encountering any insurmountable administrative problems. As always, I can be reached via page-the-mod or chips.remixed@gmail.com.

And just so this post isn't completely pointless, here's some inspiration:


Remix Update: Week 1

Just a few things:

1. I was never able to contact bubbles234  so we have a pinch-hitter stepping in, in the form of jellybean728 .  A big BIG thank you to her. She'll be a full participant in the remix. All relevant parties have been contacted and all systems are go.

2. I'm your mod and I'm here for you. If you have any problems or issues at all, please do let me know. I'm very reachable via email (chips.remixed@gmail.com) or page-the-mod. I don't bite. With fic exchanges like this, the sooner I'm made aware of any problems, the better.

3. Just so everyone knows how I did the matching: I divided the pool of participants in to (for lack of better terms) porny and non-porny groups, and within those groups, assigned ID numbers. I sorted by number and basically just matched each person with the person appearing next to them on the spreadsheet, going down the line and winding up back at the beginning. The only area in which I tweaked was to make sure that I didn't have people who I know have collaborated a lot on fic in the past remixing one another.

I hope everyone's chugging along and enjoying themselves. I think the month of June will be a long one, as I wait for July 8 to see what you all have come up with!


This is an APB for bubbles234!!!

The only person who I am still having trouble contacting with an assignment is bubbles234 . She's not a member of, or watching this comm, there's no contact info on her profile, and she has LJ private messages disabled. If anyone reading this has her on your flist, could you please alert her that she needs to get in touch with me ASAP?

If I don't hear from her by the end of this week, I'm going to have to get a pinch-hitter in. And since we're early in the game yet, if bubbles234  is your remixee assignment, if you wouldn't mind hanging on a couple days before getting started, I may have a new assignment for you instead. I'll know by Friday.

I trust everyone else received your assignments with no problems. There was one question about secrecy and using a beta, so I'll address that real quick. Yes, you may certainly employ a beta and I'd encourage you to do so. The secrecy mainly applies to your remixee not knowing who is doing their remix, but you can tell others as long as you swear them to secrecy upon pain of death. And that includes a beta.

The results of the poll yesterday were fairly definitive. How posting is going to work is this: On July 8, I will open a post here in this comm. In the comments to that post, everyone will put a link to where their remix is posted (I'll provide a template for that). I'd ask that you not cross-post to other comms until you make your link here in this one. So, you get to keep your remix on whatever journal or archive you want, but all the links to those will be handily listed in one convenient location here.


The following folks indicated they'd like to be contacted via LiveJournal Private Messaging but you have your settings so that you can't recieve PMs (it's a privacy setting):


You guys either need to change your settings, or email me at chips.remixed@gmail.com so I can email you your assignment.

Everyone else, you should have received either an email or a PM from me. If you have not, please first check your spam box (for email) and your LJ settings (to ensure that you are permitted to receive PMs), and email, PM, or leave a message at page-the-mod to let me know that you still have not received your assignment..

And now, a poll. There are a few options for posting these remixes, when the time comes, and I'd like to get your opinions...

How should the remixes be posted? Your inquiring mod would like to know.

Emailed to the mod and then the mod posts them all in this comm (authors may then link and x-post).
Each author posts wherever they would link and then links to that post here in the comm.
Authors are given posting access to this comm on the due date, and all authors post their fics here first (then may x-post and link).
Any of the above are fine with me.
Something else which I will suggest in the comments.

Thanks one and all for signing up. I very much look forward to seeing what you all produce on July 8. And I would like to ask all authors to not post their remixes prior to that date. Once I get the method of posting sorted (as per above), I'll let everyone know how/where to post. But the when will be July 8.



chips remixed
A Doctor/Rose Fanfic Remix Challenge

Welcome to...

chips_remixed, a Doctor/Rose fic remix challenge. I'm papilio_luna, your humble mod.

It's a long wait until Unspecified Autumn Transmission Date, and an even longer wait until series 5. We've got to fill the time somehow and this seemed like as good an idea as any.

No fandom srs bsns here. Just for fun, to stretch our writing muscles, and amuse one another [did that sound dirty?].


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